Jordan Peele’s Success With ‘Get Out’ Has Reportedly Made Him The Latest Frontrunner To Direct ‘Akira’

Jordan Peele’s Success With ‘Get Out’ Has Reportedly Made Him The Latest Frontrunner To Direct ‘Akira’
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It has been years of “production hell” for Warner Bros. adaptation of Akira, with plenty of exciting names attached to the project and several less exciting details involving changes to the story. Since at least 2010, there have been a series of stutter starts and finishes for the production, with several actors attached that include Keanu Reeves, Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, and Chris Pine. Even Kristen Stewart was offered a role at one point, giving you a full picture of what Warner Bros. seemed to have in mind for the classic property.

It is now 2017 and the studio is still attempting to get Akira off the ground. The idea of a trilogy with Christopher Nolan in the driver’s seat is now a thing of the past, reportedly replaced now by the fresh-but-familiar talents of Jordan Peele. The Get Out director is riding on a wave of success alongside his debut film and is now the top name being sought by the studio for their adaptation. Tracking Board claims that Peele is high on Warner’s list thanks to the success of Get Out on its $4.5 million budget.

While this doesn’t fit with Peele’s announced intentions to bring a series of horror films to the big screen, it’s understandable that a studio might try to court him after the impressive showing of his debut film. His involvement is likely far down the list of things that probably won’t happen with this film. As Collider points out, Akira could return to development if Ghost In The Shell isn’t a success. Not to mention that this is around the fifteenth time a live-action Akira has been rumored, announced, and written about for close to a decade.

A Jordan Peele Akira film would be fine, but certainly not a project to hold your breath over.

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